Cursus Terminalis: The March to the Ides and Beyond

Salvete, Amicae Amicique! 

The final days of this year’s course of events are fast approaching; swift-footed Time rushes after the Executive Council! As such, the Club would like to make known to all what events it has planned for the remaining weeks of the 2012-2013 Academic Year. They are as follows: 

Saturday March 9th: Study Session in TSH 701 (the seminar room on the 7th floor of Togo Salmon Hall). The Classics Club will be hosting on the weekend a study session to provide a quiet reading space for all interested Classics students, from roughly 10:00AM to 4:00PM. In addition, upper-year students will be present to assist with editing papers, studying for Greek and Latin, and preparing for final exams in Classics. We will also provide free food! 

Friday March 15th: The Ides. Beware of senators named Cassius and/or Brutus in the Student Center… 

Wednesday March 20th: Craft Night. Starting at approximately 6:00PM, the Club will be having another all-crafts event, in which we hope to paint pottery and dabble in all arts of Classical renown. This is your last chance to make that Attic wine-pourer you’ve always wanted! 

Wednesday March 27th: Book & Bake Sale. Come up to the Classics Library (TSH 712) to taste delectable baked goods and to peruse our respectable collection of books (textbooks included) on Classical Antiquity. Panis et liber, as the Romans would say.

Saturday March 30th: Study Session in TSH 701. More reading, studying, and mentoring! As with the former study session, this event will run from roughly 10:00AM to 4:00PM. Again, we will be providing free food! 

Thursday April 4th: Meet the Profs Pub Night. The Club’s last event will be our second pub night in which you will be able to talk to professors, graduate students, and your undergraduate fellows in Classics over the delightful din of the Phoenix. We will start this event at 8:00PM. Nota Bene: this is a 19+ event. 

Such are the events the Club has planned. We hope to see you all there! (Chitones, as always, are optional.) 



– Your Executive Council 




Coffea classica

Salvete, Classicists!

This Thursday (February 14th), the Department of Classics will be hosting a Coffee Hour on the 7th Floor of Togo Salmon Hall for 4:00PM. Food and drink will both be in abundance; come and join in the commensality!

– Your Executive Council


The Classics Conference: This Saturday!

Salvete, oh Members of the Classics Club! 

A reminder that this Saturday, February 9th, is the Seventh Annual Undergraduate Classics Conference. The day’s events will begin at 9:00AM, taking place in Gilmour Hall Room 111 (Council Chambers). At ~12:00PM we will be having our catered lunch in the Skylight Lounge; our keynote speaker, Dr. Craig Hardiman, will be delivering his lecture after lunch. If you would like to attend, please email the Club at Spread the word! 



Early Call for Papers!

Salvete, fellow Classicists! 

This coming February, the Club will be hosting our Seventh Annual Classics Undergraduate Conference. In this event, undergrads are invited to submit papers on a subject in Classics and present them before the attendants of the Conference, consisting of their pupils, graduate students, and the faculty of the Department of Classics, to name a few. Dr. Craig Hardiman of the Department of Classics at the University of Waterloo will also be our keynote speaker, delivering a lecture on ancient aesthetics in Classical Antiquity. We invite everyone who is interested to attend, and anyone who has written on a topic pertaining to Classics to present their work. It is a wonderful opportunity to make oneself known in the broader academic body and to develop one’s skills at public speaking; for attendees, it is a great way to sate one’s appetite for all things Classical. 

We encourage you all to apply! 





Your Executive Council decked out in full Classical paraphernalia. From left to right: 

– Jenna Lemay, Second-Year Representative/ Athena 

– Katherine Joun, Treasurer / Thanatos 

– Stephanie Strain, Secretary / Artemis 

– Brendan Palangio, Upper-Year Representative / Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus 

– Owen Phillips, President / Bacchus 

– Emily Lamond, Vice President / Hestia 

Nota Bene: ROM Trip Details



Here is the key information for the upcoming ROM Trip, for those of you who are intrigued by wonderful ancient things: 

The Club shall be taking a bus to the ROM on Saturday, October 27th. The bus will be departing from the parking lot behind the McMaster University Student Center. If you would like to attend, please show up no later than 8:30 A.M.. The bus will also be departing from the ROM at 4:00 P.M. and returning to McMaster University. To secure a seat on this bus and entry into the ROM, you can pay for your ticket before or on the day of the trip – that is, on Saturday morning. Tickets are $25. Please deliver your ticket payment to an Executive Council Member, who will be waiting by the bus on the morning of the trip. If you would like to attend this trip, you must RSVP the Club at no later than Thursday, October 25th. If you see an Executive Council Member on campus, you can RSVP by providing your name and your email. 
To reiterate, 
Tickets are $25, 
you must RSVP by Thursday, October 25th, 
the bus to the ROM will be leaving from the Student Center parking lot, 
-and you should be at the Student Center by 8:30 A.M. on Saturday morning. 
Valete, amici et amicae! 

Panis et…..vinum?

Starting at 8:00 P.M., the McMaster Classics Club will be hosting a Meet the Profs Pub Night at the Phoenix on Monday, October 15th. Come out and engage in friendly pub banter with professors, graduate students, and undergraduates in the Department of Classics over some hearty food and hearty ales! In true Greek form, it shall be a wonderfully convivial evening. NB: This is a 19+ event.


The Executive Council of 2012-2013


With the new academic Year having begun, and the Classics Club having once again reconvened, it is time that you, our Members, get to know the finer character traits of the new Executive council. Here are our brief (and scholastic) biographies:

President – Owen Phillips

“I am a fourth-year Classics and Anthropology major. As an anthropological archaeologist, I am interested in urbanization and urbanism. As a classicist, I am primarily interested in: urban history; Greek and Roman public architecture; Roman historical art; portraiture; the ancient economy; and ancient education.”

Vice-President – Emily Lamond

“I am a fourth-year Classics and Anthropology major. My main interests are bioarchaeology, Classical epigraphy, and Greek and Latin literature.”

Secretary – Stephanie Strain

“I am a fourth-year Classics and English major. My favourite areas of study in Classics are Greek and Roman art and archaeology, Greek comic theatre, poetry, and epic.”

Treasurer – Katherine Joun

“I am a third-year Classics major. I find all periods of Classical history fascinating, especially Greco-Roman Egypt. My particular interests are the languages of Greece and Rome and those with which they interacted, particularly Egyptian Demotic.”

Upper-Year Representative – Brendan Palangio

“I am a third-year Classics major with a minor in Music. My main interests lie with literature, elegiac and lyric poetry, and with the social, cultural, intellectual, and political histories of the Hellenistic era and Late Antiquity.”

Second-Year Representative – Jenna Lemay

“I am a second-year Classics major. I am mainly interested in the religious aspects of Greek and Roman history, particularly Greek mythology. I am also interested in history in general, in how people lived and in relating their lives to our own.”

So there you have it – the academic quirks and zones of interests of your Exec. However, don’t let our present specificity lead you astray; at heart, we are all Classicists, and we are all terribly, terribly inflicted with philhellenism+philoromanism.