Early Call for Papers!

Salvete, fellow Classicists! 

This coming February, the Club will be hosting our Seventh Annual Classics Undergraduate Conference. In this event, undergrads are invited to submit papers on a subject in Classics and present them before the attendants of the Conference, consisting of their pupils, graduate students, and the faculty of the Department of Classics, to name a few. Dr. Craig Hardiman of the Department of Classics at the University of Waterloo will also be our keynote speaker, delivering a lecture on ancient aesthetics in Classical Antiquity. We invite everyone who is interested to attend, and anyone who has written on a topic pertaining to Classics to present their work. It is a wonderful opportunity to make oneself known in the broader academic body and to develop one’s skills at public speaking; for attendees, it is a great way to sate one’s appetite for all things Classical. 

We encourage you all to apply! 



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