Cursus Terminalis: The March to the Ides and Beyond

Salvete, Amicae Amicique! 

The final days of this year’s course of events are fast approaching; swift-footed Time rushes after the Executive Council! As such, the Club would like to make known to all what events it has planned for the remaining weeks of the 2012-2013 Academic Year. They are as follows: 

Saturday March 9th: Study Session in TSH 701 (the seminar room on the 7th floor of Togo Salmon Hall). The Classics Club will be hosting on the weekend a study session to provide a quiet reading space for all interested Classics students, from roughly 10:00AM to 4:00PM. In addition, upper-year students will be present to assist with editing papers, studying for Greek and Latin, and preparing for final exams in Classics. We will also provide free food! 

Friday March 15th: The Ides. Beware of senators named Cassius and/or Brutus in the Student Center… 

Wednesday March 20th: Craft Night. Starting at approximately 6:00PM, the Club will be having another all-crafts event, in which we hope to paint pottery and dabble in all arts of Classical renown. This is your last chance to make that Attic wine-pourer you’ve always wanted! 

Wednesday March 27th: Book & Bake Sale. Come up to the Classics Library (TSH 712) to taste delectable baked goods and to peruse our respectable collection of books (textbooks included) on Classical Antiquity. Panis et liber, as the Romans would say.

Saturday March 30th: Study Session in TSH 701. More reading, studying, and mentoring! As with the former study session, this event will run from roughly 10:00AM to 4:00PM. Again, we will be providing free food! 

Thursday April 4th: Meet the Profs Pub Night. The Club’s last event will be our second pub night in which you will be able to talk to professors, graduate students, and your undergraduate fellows in Classics over the delightful din of the Phoenix. We will start this event at 8:00PM. Nota Bene: this is a 19+ event. 

Such are the events the Club has planned. We hope to see you all there! (Chitones, as always, are optional.) 



– Your Executive Council 




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