Club Constitution

McMaster Classics Club Constitution

  1. 1.     Name

1.1.    The club shall be known as: the McMaster Classics Club (MCC), an MSU constituted club.

  1. 2.     Purpose

The McMaster Classics Club seeks to continue the traditions established by the formerly dynamic Classics Club, which has been a part of the club’s history since the 1930s. We would like to create a community for the discussion of and appreciation for all aspects of ancient history, as well as an environment which facilitates dialogue between upper and lower level students through mentoring and tutoring (especially in the Classical languages).

  1. 3.     Membership

3.1.   Membership in the club shall be open to all members of the MSU who support the purpose of the club.

3.2.   Honorary Membership shall be granted to an interested party (non-MSU members) upon approval by the executive or membership committee of the club.

3.3.   Honorary Members may not hold executive positions, expend funds, or have voting status at meetings.

3.4.   Members’ primary responsibility is to attend events and show support for the club.

3.5.   Members have the privileges of voting and nominating peers for executive elections.

3.6.   Membership shall be attendant upon attendance at a minimum of two (2) all-ages events of different types.

  1. 4.     Executive

4.1.   The Club executive will consist of; President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Upper Year Representative, Lower Year Representative, and First Year Representative.

4.2.   The President shall:

4.2.1.       Preside over all meetings of the club and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees within the club.

4.2.2.       Call all executive meetings and general meetings.

4.2.3.       Handle the day-to-day operations of the club.

4.2.4.      Ensure the club’s adherence to MSU policies.

4.2.5.      Handle all EOHSS paperwork and ensure the appropriate distribution of waivers if necessary.

4.2.6.      Be the main liaison between the McMaster Classics Department and its Club.

4.3.   The Vice-President shall:

4.3.1.       Perform the duties of the President in the latter’s absence and shall assist the President where required.

4.3.2.      Be in charge of the Club filing cabinet.

4.3.3.      Be in charge of the club’s webspace (both website and Facebook page).

4.3.4.      Perform such other duties that are from time to time assigned by the President, executive or general membership.

4.4.   The Treasurer shall:

4.4.1.       Keep the account books of the club, shall arrange for the custody and distribution of funds pursuant to the executive and general membership’s direction.

4.4.2.       Give a report to the finances of the club at each executive meeting and have the books available upon the request of any member of the club.

4.4.3.      Perform such other duties that are from time to time assigned by the President, executive or general membership.

4.4.4.      Be in charge of the petty cash box and shall include a summary report of the account within the petty cash box at each meeting.

4.5.   The Secretary shall:

4.5.1.       Keep the minutes of all official meetings and be responsible for all correspondence of the association.

4.5.2.      Maintain the club’s membership list and archival documents

4.5.3.      Perform such other duties that are from time to time assigned by the President, executive or general membership.

4.5.4.      Be the chief person in charge of the club’s email account, checking frequently and responding to all incoming emails in a timely manner. If the Secretary is unable to do so for any reason, the President or Vice-President will assume this responsibility.

4.6.   The Upper Year Representative, Lower Year Representative, and First Year Representative shall:

4.6.1.      Engage with each of their respective years and encourage further membership.

4.6.2.      Perform such other duties that are from time to time assigned by the President, executive or general membership.

4.6.3.      Advertise all events of the Club to the student body.


  1. 5.     Election

5.1.   All Officers shall be MSU members.

5.1.1.      The President shall have at least one year of experience as an Executive of the Club and shall have been a member of the Club in the year in which they campaign for the Presidency.

5.2.   All Officers shall be elected by the general club membership

5.2.1.      In the event that only one individual is nominated for an Executive Office, other than the Office of the President, that Office shall be filled by appointment.

5.3.    Election of officers shall be by secret ballot and require a simple majority vote. In case of a tie, the President shall cast the deciding vote except when he is seeking re-election to office, in which case another executive shall cast the deciding vote.

5.4.    Elections shall occur at a general meeting held in early March each year.

5.5.   Term of office shall be one year commencing from the day after the elections, ending on the day the next the new officer’s term begins.

5.6.   Notice will be given to all club members and the Clubs Administrator of all executive changes.

5.7.   Campaigning is limited to posts on the webspace of the club (emails, website, Facebook page) and during weekly events.

5.8.   Voting will take place by secret ballot in person at a meeting on the 7th floor of Togo Salmon Hall.

5.9.   In the event that anyone desires to remove an executive member, the motion must be put to the executive council at large, and a majority vote of the executive council can forward the motion with the result that the executive member will be removed.

5.10.                    If an executive seat becomes vacant, an election almost identical in form to the general elections for executives will take place. The only difference will be that only one position is being voted upon.

  1. 6.     Finances

6.1.   The club may be eligible to solicit financing from the MSU.

6.2.   The club may determine an annual membership fee.

6.3.    Monies received shall not involve any obligation of the MSU.

6.4.   The club may use any means consonant with the constitutional purpose and in its membership to raise funds for its program upon advice of the Clubs Administrator.

6.5.   The club’s books may be subject to an annual audit by the MSU and shall be filed with the MSU auditor or Clubs Administrator within five business days of the request for audit.

6.6.   All cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and one of the President or Vice President.

  1. 7.     Meetings

7.1.   General

7.1.1.      General meetings shall be open to all club members

7.1.2.      At least one general meeting shall be called by the President per academic term.

7.1.3.       Upon the receipt of five signatures by the President from club members requesting a general meeting, a meeting shall be called by the President at the earliest possible date.

7.1.4.      Voting procedure for regular business at a general meeting shall be by simple majority.

7.1.5.      Notice of a general meeting must be sent to the Clubs Administrator no less than one (1) week prior.

7.2.    Executive

7.2.1.      At least one executive meeting shall be called by the President per academic term.

7.2.2.       Upon the receipt of the President of written request for an executive meeting, signed by at least 50% of the executive, the President shall call an executive meeting at the earliest possible date.

7.2.3.       Voting procedure for regular business at an executive meeting shall be by simple majority.

7.3.   Quorum
1. A quorum of 2/3 of the total membership is required for a general meeting.
2. A quorum of 2/3 of the executive is required for an executive meeting.

  1. 8.     Amendments

8.1.    Passage of amendments to the constitution shall be 2/3 affirmative vote at a quorum meeting.

8.2.    Each amendment shall be referred to the MSU Clubs Administrator and Speaker for approval, then to the SRA for its acceptance.

  1. 9.     Bylaws

9.1.    Passage of bylaws shall be by at least 60% affirmative vote at a quorum general meeting.

  1. Disclaimer

10.1.   The views and actions of this club in no way reflect the views of all the members of the McMaster Students Union or McMaster Students Union Incorporated.


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