Fasti: Executive Councils of the Past


President: Katherine Joun

Vice President: Jenna Lemay

Secretary/Lower Year Rep: Mike Scalera

Treasurer: Glenn Checkley

Upper Year Reps: Katherine Robinson and Claire Leavitt


President: Owen Phillips

Vice President: Emily Lamond

Secretary: Stephanie Strain

Treasurer: Katherine Joun

Upper Year Rep: Brendan Palangio

Lower Year Rep: Jenna Lemay


President: Emily Lamond

Vice President: Kaitlyn Moniz

Secretary: Caleb Sheehan

Treasurer: Owen Phillips

Upper Year Rep: Stan Barber

Second Year Rep: Brendan Palangio

First Year Rep: Jenna Lemay


President: Jonathon McCallum

Vice President: Anna Cameron

Secretary: Stephanie Carruth

Treasurer: Adam Durnforth

Upper Year Rep: Eric Smith

Lower Year Rep: Emily Lamond


President: Rebecca Rathbone

Vice President: Andrew Wood

Secretary: Telmo Medeiros

Treasurer: Louise Savocchia

Upper Year Rep: Erica Urie

Second Year Rep: Jonathon McCallum

First Year Rep: Taylor Reid



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